• Touch-A-Prize is a unique lead generation, consumer data mining and data management promotion company that gathers real-time leads through big prize incentives.


  • We use compelling and interactive game promotions to drive lead generation and build traffic on location and online, for professional sport teams or commercial merchants at large expos, fairs and conventions. We do this via accurate and unbiased consumer data mining.


  • Consumers provide us accurate, personal data because they have an incentive to do so with our games. In addition, Touch-A-Prize is the only promotional company approved for a $1 million prize by American Hole ‘N One, which gives us another unique advantage in the market.


  • Once appended, we achieve a 98% data match rate, an unprecedented accuracy rate in consumer data collection. By choosing to work with Touch-A-Prize our clients can feel confident knowing that their message will, in fact, reach their target audience.


  • Our customers efficiently and effectively launch promotions, engage their fans and customers, build brand loyalty, drive additional sponsorship revenue and bring customers to the sales floor.