1. Plug it in

2. Map the area

3. Let System Run

4. Review dashboard

Plug-and-play sensors gather non-personal radio frequency signals emitted by mobile phones

FastSensor measures how customers flow through, how long they stay and how often they return

The cloud platform accumulates information from all stores into a single dashboard, providing an instant view of shoppers across the chain – all in real time.

All dashboards are archived and downloadable


Heat Maps

A “localized, Google Maps”

Traffic Flow/Vector Analysis

Consume the data your way.

Use our Dashboards for fast, real time analysis. Use our API or data export to connect to your tool of choice for custom analysis.


Our technology is the most effective

Comparing FastSensor Dashboard Technology

Real Time Infographics

Customer and Employee Analytics

Real time experience tracking system based on mobile device location algorithms to monitor, analyze, visualize, and act on visitor behavior in events or stadiums:


Attraction rate (visitors to concessions, bathrooms, merchandise)

New visitors and return visitors (active or passive loyalty)

Visitor pathways and engagement areas

Line management and waiting time stats (just in time labor)

Layout effectiveness insights

Concierge and visitor services

“Inside stadium" location based invites, vouchers and coupons

Security benefits (staffing optimization / “sweep” at close)